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It’s been two years since my honeymoon and first trip to Disneyland!
My hubby and I were secretly hoping to meet Peter Pan the entire trip, and we were very very lucky! We met Peter, and he asked if we brought him a present. Hubby dug out his wallet and pulled a non-valid WDW Thunder Mountain Fastpass he had (who knows why). In return, Peter tried to give us a little Mexican girl who started crying. It was magical lol
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I WAS IN TEARS!! This man. :} dhjkahdksashjadkhajk My mind was blown. We were eating right by him!! AND he noticed my lens and told me he uses the same one!! Then he talked about the Coca Cola gravy on the pork! haha He was amazing :}
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I met Andrew Ducote (aka Spieling Peter) and his wife Hali today at Disneyland! Great way to end my summer :)
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Me and Andrew Ducote! :)
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I remember when I was 15, I encountered someone that roamed the streets of Disneyland like he owned them. He was full of spirit, wit, and neverending sprints. I grew up with this person, and through his persona, he brought alive the character that I had loved since I was a child. The person who’s made this green, ginger boy a happy thing for so many people. It’s been a year, and I can’t lie, it’s been different. I’ve been pulled into this world of people, and it shall never be the same without you. But you’re still a part of my life in a wonderous way, and you are a phenomenal person. Thanks for everything. ♥
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Ride or die. Bad boys for life. (Taken with Instagram at Casa de Mickey Mouse)
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Taken by Andrew. Thanks man, I love this moment haha
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